Panic Page

This Panic Page Is For Moments When You Are Feeling Something Other than HaPpY



Unless you are genuinely hungry or have low blood sugar, do not reach for food, chocolate or cigarettes. And certainly not wine, beer or other alcohol.









Choose one of these things and do them now! And that’s an order!

laughing helena) Smile. Go on, just a little one… you know you can…

b) Turn on some upbeat positive, sing along music and jump around, sing along, and make the kids or other half do it too for maximum impact!

c) Get a pen or pencil. Stand up, feet shoulder width apart, place the pen or pencil between your teeth as far back in your mouth as you can. Allow your arms to hang at your side and tilt your head slightly upwards so you’re looking at the ceiling or sky. Stay like this for 5 minutes.

d) Get out! Now! Go out into nature and walk or run, or take the dog out. Go on, what are you waiting for?

e) Go back to your accomplishment book and read through all the positive things that you’ve done so far.

f) Grab a piece of paper and right down the one thing that is making you unhappy. Now turn the paper over and on the back write 3 things that are great about today, something someone has said to you, the weather, an achievement, something you have done or something really positive about yourself or your life.

g) Burn some essential oils, or take a relaxing bath with the positive fragrances. Citrus oils such as orange, neroli, lime, petitgrain, or one of my favourites, may chang (litsea cubeba).

h) Jump up and down on the spot waving your arms in the air and shouting ‘Arrggghhhh’ for at least 3 minutes.

i) Put some soothing music on and lie down for ten minutes – not in your bed.h

j) If you have time watch a good laugh-out-loud comedy

k) If you have 5 mins and like babies laughing, watch this:

l) Go and look at photos that make you smile and remember good times.

Feeling Better? Not Really? Choose another thing and do it – now!


Now Are You Feeling Better? Are You Sure? Really?

Now, you can



 You may want to take a look at the body language video on the ideas page to give you more of a boost for the rest of your day. Go on… stand like wonderwoman!


Well Done, you are free to leave the Panic Page.



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